Stine Lykkegaard-Madsen

Stine Lykkegaard-Madsen

Paralegal & state-authorised translator
Scandinavian languages


Stine has worked for attorney Jesper Altamirano since 2007, and she has a lot of expertise when it comes to the administrative work involved in especially corporate law.

Due to her educational background with an MA in translation and interpretation from Copenhagen Business School and her title as authorised translator, Stine is also responsible for the linguistic content of international contracts and documents.

Stine primarily works for Jesper Altamirano, but she also assists everyone else at the office.



2015: IDEAL Law Firm LLP, paralegal and translator
2006: Bonnesen Advokater I/S, paralegal and translator
2001: Plesner, paralegal and translator
1999: Euroscript in Luxembourg, translator
1999: MA in translation and interpretation from Copenhagen Business School


Stine is very attentive to details and a capable colleague. She is dedicated to her work and highly qualified when it comes to English-language tasks and proof reading. She always has a very professional approach to her work. Moreover, Stine is kind and meets everyone with honesty, sincerity and a sense of humour.


Ever since her studies, Stine has had a fondness for legal language. After working as a translator for two years, she got a temporary position in a law firm and she has been in the business ever since.

It is important to Stine that her assignments are well defined. She wants to do a good job every time. This is a really good match for Jesper Altamirano, with whom she has worked closely for many years. It is especially important to Stine that the atmosphere at IDEAL Law Firm is positive and calm and that we respect each other, both as humans and as colleagues.