We help companies in distress by acting as liquidators in case of insolvency proceedings. When acting as liquidators, our attorneys make many important legal and commercial decisions on behalf of the company in distress. We are also responsible for the cooperation with the bankruptcy court and the company’s creditors. Our extensive experience with insolvency law enables us to quickly make the necessary and best possible decisions when it comes to the company’s employees, works in progress and an assessment of the possibility of selling the company.

We also help with legal advice about the possibilities of voluntary reconstruction (suspension of payments not notified to creditors and the bankruptcy court) and offer to handle negotiations with creditors in order to obtain a collective arrangement with creditors without the risk of avoidance at a later time. Insolvency law also involves settling of complex legal issues regarding the law of mortgages and pledges with which we are also able to help.

Insolvency law specialists

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