Litigation and arbitration

We can help you no matter what type of dispute you end up in, and we work hard to obtain the best possible result for you either by settling the case, participating in mediation or conducting a court case or arbitration procedures. We are experienced in handling conflict-ridden and comprehensive disputes. In case it is not possible to come up with an amicable solution to the dispute, we take pride in representing our clients before the ordinary courts or an arbitration tribunal.

Our approach to the dispute will initially be to clarify the facts of the dispute. This way we are able to assess the litigation risk and determine which legal issues the dispute is about. The very thorough preparatory work is crucial to the legal proceedings going as planned.

We assist our clients through all stages of the case, including after the case has been settled when we discuss the result with our client and – if the result was not in our favour – discuss the client’s possibilities of bringing the case before a higher court.

We represent our clients before the district courts, the High Court and the Supreme Court as well as international courts (eg. the European Court of Justice).

Litigation and arbitration specialists

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