Jens Jacob Dühr

Jens Jacob Dühr

, Partner
Practice areas:
Construction law
Sale of agricultural property
Business sales and acquisitions
Litigation and arbitration
Scandinavian languages


Jens Jacob Dühr is a partner at IDEAL Law Firm and one of the founders.

Jens Jacob specializes in insolvency law and is a member of the Danish Debt Collection Agency’s panel of attorneys. He therefore regularly acts as liquidator in insolvent estates.

He is also a classic litigator with extensive experience in conducting a court case. Thus, Jens Jacob regularly argues cases before the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

Due to his thorough insight into financial and credit law, Jens Jacob is a key adviser on large and complex contracts. Over the years, he has participated in many business transfers for Danish and foreign companies, also within the agricultural sector with which Jens Jacob has a lot of experience

Jens Jacob also provides advice on data protection law.



2015: IDEAL Law Firm LLP, partner
2008: Bonnesen Advokater I/S, partner
2006: Rønne & Lundgren, attorney
2003: Bruun Hjejle, assistant attorney
2003: Master of Law from the University of Copenhagen


Jens Jacob is a both competent and pleasant person, who brings a lot of positivity to an otherwise busy work environment. He is empathic, which is also apparent in his performance of tasks where he is focused on reaching the best result as quickly as possible and with a minimum of detours, but always without compromising on quality. He is the epitome of advice at eye level, and he is always straightforward and honest, so that the clients are never in doubt as to what to expect.


Ever since elementary school, Jens Jacob has known that he wanted to become an attorney. And the choice to co-found IDEAL Law Firm was a natural consequence of that dream. Jens Jacob tries to pass on the pleasure in his work to his colleagues as inspiration to turning the profession into a basic passion for life and a pride. In his spare time, Jens Jacob loves hiking, and he gladly travels to faraway places to experience magnificent nature.