Hans Holme

Hans Holme

Practice areas:
Purchase and sale of real property
Rent law
Sale of agricultural property
Scandinavian languages


For a number of years, Hans Holme has been responsible for bankruptcy cases in IDEAL’s insolvency department, and he has a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy and insolvency. His experience facilitates a result-oriented process with a good and constructive cooperation between the liquidator, the creditors and the bankruptcy court.

As attorney with insight into the administrative procedures for distressed customers in banks and mortgage lenders, Hans is a preferred partner in the process between attorney and bank which is crucial to finding a strategy and action plan to mitigate losses.

Hans is also a specialist in rent law and real property. He provides advice on the purchase and sale of real property, drafts purchase agreements, conducts court cases and provides legal services for the settlement of rent law disputes. If you are considering buying real property at a judicial sale by the bankruptcy court, it would be a good idea to contact Hans, who knows all about the procedure, both from the point of view of the seller and of the purchaser.

Over the years, as part of his work related to the purchase and sale of real property, Hans has specialised in the niche of agricultural law. As Hans grew up on a farm, he has a unique knowledge of the industry which enables him to settle the specific issues that may affect the agricultural sector.


2019: IDEAL Law Firm LLP, attorney
2016: IDEAL Law Firm LLP, assistant attorney
2016: IDEAL Law Firm LLP, legal trainee
2016: Master of Law from the University of Southern Denmark
2015: Lexos Advokater, legal trainee


Hans is highly competent and always calm.

He is solid as a rock and very professional. He immediately recognizes the clients’ problems and delivers on time. He meets people at eye level and tries to find the best possible overall solution and not only from a legal perspective.


When Hans is not working as attorney, he likes to spend time in the garden of his house in the country south of Odense. Hans was born and raised on a farm and still has the need to get his hands dirty. Growing up on a farm also accounts for Hans’ interest in the legal challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

To Hans, being an attorney at IDEAL means that there is room for professionalism and career as well as family life. There is room for cooperation, sparring and development of individual qualifications.